Beyond Decentralized


Beyond Decentralized projects enable Fair Data Ownership and Independent Software Development.

Fair Data Ownership

Persons, families and communities should have custody of their data.

Applications should access people's data to add value. Apps should not hold that data. This will happen when:

Beyond Decentralized projects are building an Internet of Databases. Each device has a database that participates in this Internet, securely and discreetly.

Independent Software Development

Independent Developers should add value to existing software ecosystems.

That'll happen when:

Beyond Decentralized projects are building frameworks for synergetic Apps. Apps that run on user devices and on dedicated or shared servers.

The Story of Beyond Decentralized

In 2015 I wrote "Hans the Organizator" (a family organizer) and realized that families would have to store data on someone else's servers. So I set off to first write an adapter for cloud storage where people could store data under their own accounts. Over time that adapter grew to become AIRport.

Eventually I made a conceptual breakthrough and I realized that Applications can inter-operate on user data. Applications can access user owned data and share it solely on the user's devices. For me, that changed how applications can be written.

Artem V. Shamsutdinov


Beyond Decentralized is a US 501(c)(3) charitable organization, funded by individual donations and corporate sponsors. It provides an established framework for intellectual property and financial contributions that limits potential legal exposure for our project committers.


Beyond Decentralized is committed to maintain all of its records in the public space. In effect Beyond Decentralized is a non-profit DAO, with every decision recorded as a forum with voting outcomes.

DAO Records

Beyond Decentralized will use its own technology to keep track of its votes and deliberations. This is currently under construction and for the time being, transcripts of meetings are recorded in text form.


August 11th, 2022 Fixed Bylaws - now correctly referencing Beyond Decentralized

August 1st, 2022 Registered Beyond Decentralized as a US 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

July 30th, 2022 Incorporated Beyond Decentralized in the State of Colorado.

Articles Of Organization

Beyond Decentralized Articles of Organization can be found here.


Beyond Decentralized Bylaws can be found here.


Please read the Technical Documentation to find out about Beyond Decentralized technologies.