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Turbase - AIRport with Advertisement Engine

  • By Artem V. Shamsutdinov
  • September 3rd, 2021

For a while now AIRport has been the brand for the AIR technology. And also for quite some time we've been dicussing building an adverisement engine on top of AIRport to generate revenue that can be shared with Apps and users. Now finally I've come up with a good enough of a brand for the actual App that will be installed on phones and other devices - Turbase.

Turbase logo

The Advertisement Engine is a natural fit for Turbase. Since AIRport already stores user data locally on the device it makes sense to use that data for figuring out what Ads the user would like to see. One thing that is unique to Turbase is that it allows to do so without sharing user data with any central authority or the advertisers. They key is to provide a separation between the user data with a dedicated Ad engine, and the advertisement platform that works with Advertisers to gather and serve Ads.

Local Ad Engine

To make that work Turbase makes a determination what Ad should be shown locally on the device. That decision is based on the data that is being requested by the Application and additional metadata that is provided by the App. Then Turbase sends a network request to an Advertisement Platform to request specific Ads. The Ad Platform will expose a query engine that Trubase apps can use to request specific adds based on a category-like search. The important thing is that this Ad lookup is done without giving up any of the information about the user, or what data is being rendered on the page the user seeing or even what App their are using.

Revenue Sharing

The key part of Turbase Ad Engine is that it will share advertisement revenue between the the adverisement platform, the Turbase App, the App the user is using and the user themselves. A sharing balance will be achieved to keep all of the parties interested. Users will be interested in providing demographic data about themselves, which will stay on the device for the use by the local Ad Engine. Client Apps will be intested in proving meaningful metadata about the content that is being shown to the user. And the advertisement platform is interested in serving ads to devices without collecting user data to cut costs and to generate good will.

Still to come

The development on the Ad Engine has not yet started - we'll need to secure additional funding to get it underway. The exact way we'll be doing has not yet been determined. At first it will start out as a set of simple queries to determine in a very primitive way what type of Ads should be shown. Subsequenly, as more people are involved in its development, we'll add statistical modeling and AI.