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Free at Last

  • By Artem V. Shamsutdinov
  • May 13th, 2021

Open sourcing, finally!

4 month have passed since my last blog post and I didn't have any time to devote to coding. Hence I'm open sourcing the projects "as is" (with a bit of additional documentation). You can find the projects at:

Note, I'm still holding on the the smaller family organizer project from which it all started and will re-work it, once AIRport and Votecube are completed.

No luck advertising

I've also tried to promote AIRport via Facebook ads and so far am having very little success in getting any likes (let alone any sponsorship) so it looks like a long and lonely road for me in terms of development.

Crypto space seems interested

I did get some interest on Koinos forum on Telegram, but they do not offer any grants (being a self funded project. And I did apply for a grant at Avalanche (they are technologically advanced enough to host AIR and do offer development grants) so will see how it goes.

Government funding rejected - the reasons

Also, I don't think I've mentioned it on the blog but last year I applied for government funding and got rejected earlier this year. The 3 main reasons that were listed for rejection were:

  • We don't understand it.
  • Is there any interest in this?
  • How can you make money with this?

My reasoning about it

I think that the, understanding part has to do with like-mindedness of the people who are reading the proposal. Guys at Koinos seemed to get it pretty quickly, but they are interested in more tooling for the developers in their ecosystem (and I'm hoping that Avalanche guys are about in the same spot).

That sort of answers the general interest question as well. The pro's that need it are interested, the developers in the ecosystem will certainly be interested as well (since AIRport makes development much easier especially in the current crypto space), but the general developer public still doesn't get it (I've narrowed down my Facebook add to app and web developers only and so far am getting about 1 click per 120 showings).

The cool thing about pigging back on top of crypto projects is that these guys have monetization (as well as security and data syncronization) figured out.